New Training Available: Understanding the Cell Collections Ecosystem

The best possible starting material is critical to providing the best possible outcomes.

The future of apheresis is continually evolving.
How are you ensuring your cell collection process is set up for scale?

By understanding the behind-the-scenes of cell collections — the process, the protocols, and devices and the data — you can better:

Achieve target dose
Maximize collection efficiency
Control product volume and concentration

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“ Our team provided very positive feedback about the cell collections training! [We] are excited to continue our relationship with Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies to learn more about the data services provided for analyzing our apheresis collections.” Global Pharmaceutical Company

Apheresis for Engineered Cell Therapies

Explore what is included in this half-day training.

The Cell Collections Ecosystem

Learn about the most critical factors in the success or failure of an apheresis collection:

  • Patient and donor factors
  • Device operations
  • Collected product handling
  • Collection site operations and management

Cell Collections on the Spectra Optia® Apheresis System

Discover more about the device used for apheresis collection.

  • An overview of Spectra Optia
  • A Spectra Optia demo
  • Procedure types
  • Terminology and definitions

Optimizing the Collection Procedure

Understand the basics of optimization to help minimize off-target cell collection.

  • Why optimization matters and what it takes to optimize cell collections
  • How cells separate during apheresis and the effects of cellular contamination
  • Transplant versus cell therapy collections
  • Optimizing cell collection procedures on Spectra Optia

Availability of Data From Spectra Optia

Apheresis collection is the first step in a long process of cell manufacturing. Let the power of data help you do it well. Get an overview of:

  • The Spectra Optia data files that provide details on system configuration parameters, procedural targets and more
  • Ways to benchmark and standardize the cell collection process using patient precount and collected product data
  • Data analysis of alarms, benchmarking, device utilization, throughput trends and inefficiencies in the cell collection process
  • Endpoint calculations to bring predictability and visibility of blood volume processing for meeting desired product goals

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“We know that you [Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies] are the experts of the device. You are also collecting key apheresis parameters during the run so runs can be optimized. We know our patients pretty well, but we appreciate that you understand blood and how it behaves during apheresis. We both have expertise and needs that should be shared —again, for the benefit of the patients.” bluebird bio

Training FAQs

How do I register for the Cell Collections Ecosystem Training?

Enrolling is easy. First, complete the form located on this page. One of our training support members will contact you within two to three business days to set up an intake call. Any additional questions, pricing and scheduling will be covered during this call.

How long is this training?

It takes about three to four hours when conducted virtually. If the training is conducted in person, this time may vary. The training can be customized to fit your unique learning or topic needs. Please contact us to learn more

Is the training offered both virtually and in-person?

Yes! Local Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies training representatives can accommodate virtual and in-person training across the globe

Who is the intended audience?

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies customers interested in learning more about apheresis for cell and gene therapies and the Spectra Optia Apheresis System. The training is not meant for device operators. If you are a device operator or interested in additional training specific to Spectra Optia, visit our eLearning page for more information.

Why should I take this training?

To understand the following topics:

  • Basics of apheresis and the cell collections ecosystem
  • Collecting different cell types
  • Patient/donor issues and variability
  • Operation and optimization of the Spectra Optia system, including demonstrations
  • Site implementation issues and variability across sites
  • Collection and use of patient, procedure and product data

How should I prepare for the training?

Whether the training is virtual or in-person, there is minimal need to prepare ahead of time. We will work with you on preparations to fit your unique group.

How many people can attend the training?

There is no limit on the number of attendees. We will work with you to accommodate one or many people in a virtual or in-person setting.