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Automated Technologies

Learn more about the technologies that can help automate your processes earlier and achieve therapeutic firsts for the patients who need them most.

Quantum® Cell Expansion System*

Cell Expansion System*

Quantum is an automated platform designed to simplify the open, labor-intensive tasks associated with manual cell culture.

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FINIA® Fill and Finish System

FINIA® Fill and Finish System

Introducing the first device of its kind to automate final formulation and the fill and finish step.

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Spectra Optia® Apheresis System

Spectra Optia®
Apheresis System

Spectra Optia is the industry-leading therapeutic apheresis, cell therapy and cell collection platform, designed to enhance versatility, performance and patient comfort and safety.

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COBE® 2991 Cell Processor

COBE® 2991
Cell Processor

Introduced more than 30 years ago, COBE 2991 has set the industry standard as a reliable laboratory tool for a variety of cell processing applications.

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Elutra® Cell Separation System†

Cell Separation System†

When monocytes or lymphocytes are on your radar, Elutra should be as well.

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SCD® IIB Sterile Tubing Welder

Sterile Tubing Welder

Shorten the time you spend making sterile tubing connections the old-fashioned manual way. Create reliable welds in about 30 seconds.

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*Customers are responsible for validating the use of Quantum to expand cells for their intended therapy.

†Customers are responsible for validating the use of Elutra to separate cells for their intended therapy.

Additional Quantum Resources

From webinars to white papers and publications, learn more about Quantum in our comprehensive technical resource library. It covers a range of cell types and areas of interest so you can understand the full capabilities of the Quantum system.

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