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Trima Accel 7
+TOMEs Connectivity

Redefining Apheresis Excellence
It’s time to upgrade your expectations about what your apheresis device can do.

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The Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection System is the only system on the market with the flexibility to collect any transfusable component in any combination. Now, pair Trima Accel 7 with TOMEs (Terumo Operational Medical Equipment Software) to help you gain more efficiencies and collect more with consistency, control and confidence.
*As compared to previous versions of Trima Accel.

Trima Accel 7 + TOMEs: 7 Reasons Why They’re Better Together
By connecting your Trima Accel 7 devices to TOMEs, you unlock even more features that support your drive toward operational excellence. Together, Trima Accel 7 + TOMEs help you:

See the full list of Trima Accel 7 enhancements, plus additional features enabled when connected to TOMEs.


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