Blood Center Solutions

Trima Accel 7 + TOMEs






System Features

Trima Accel 7 + TOMEs

Higher Quality

Collect safer and higher-quality blood components.

Trima Accel has always been designed to help you collect safer, higher-quality blood components.
Now, TOMEs can help you collect with greater confidence by providing guidance along the way.

Configure and enforce SOPs
TOMEs lets you customize and enforce standard operating procedures (SOPs) to guide operators, support safety, improve traceability and comply with good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

Collect safer platelets
Trima Accel has been shown to reduce both the risk of bacterial contamination of platelet products and the risk of sepsis in patients.1,2

Produce higher-quality platelets
Trima Accel has been credited with higher corrected count increments in patients after platelet transfusion.3

Improve donor safety
With TOMEs, you can electronically transfer donation parameters and donor information from your BBIS to ensure you are applying the right information to the right donor.

Minimize unnecessary product testing
Trima Accel alerts you if a collection may require additional quality control testing.

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